5 Ways to Build Your Firm’s Talent: Part I – Analytics & Politics

    The people a firm hires, promotes, and retains are undeniably critical to corporate profitability and success. Reviewing the different approaches available for management to choose from—most of which tout that their system, metric, or methodology is THE BEST and works ALWAYS and in ALL SITUATIONS—made me realize that first thinking about a specific company’s environment […]

Career Growth

July 21, 2016

Exponential Optionality™ Career Growth

Your first investment(s) in your career usually provides you with technical employment skills—e.g., you earn a JD to become a lawyer; a BS in Accounting to become an accountant; a BA in Marketing to enter advertising, public relations, sales, market research, or product development; or an engineering degree to become an engineer. Your next investment(s) […]

Financial Smarts

July 16, 2016

Protect Your Investments from Repeat Offenders

Take 650,000 registered financial advisers in the U.S. today managing over $30 trillion of investable assets. Know that a little over half of all American households sought advice from a financial adviser in 2010 = 64 million households representing some 153 million people in 2010 used a financial adviser…and that number hasn’t declined. One out […]

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