Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

    In December 2009, Tracey Keyss, Thomas W. Malnight, and Kees van der Graaf from McKinsey & Company wrote an article entitled “Making the most of corporate social responsibility (CSR)” where they said that “there is no single accepted definition of CSR, which leads to plenty of confusion about what constitutes a CSR activity.” Almost five […]

Career Growth

September 18, 2014

Finding the Right Corporate Culture for You

  Looking for the right corporate culture for you—you know, the one where you fit right in from day one, understanding exactly what is meant by what management and employees around you are saying? Then consider these points: Forget about what the company says its values are on its website. Professors Luigi Zingales from The […]

Financial Smarts

September 12, 2014

A New Financial Fraud That’s Really Scary

My town’s Village Hall just issued the following email alert: “BEWARE OF FAKE PHONE CALLS from the Village designated phone numbers. The police department responded to a residence last evening where someone portrayed themselves as a Police Officer of “Our Town” demanding money from the resident or the Police Department would come and arrest them. […]

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