Increasing Labor Force Productivity

    Companies exist to make profits. They make those profits through the utilization of the optimal profit-making mixture of labor and equipment that creates a product or service that enough consumers want to purchase—“enough” being all amounts above the creation costs…and the more “enough” the better. One of the benefits of your labor force is that […]

Career Growth

October 9, 2014

Being More Effective

QUESTION: What does a Jesuit priest who is a school superintendent, a marketing entrepreneur who writes a weekly newspaper business column, and a New York networking maven have in common? ANSWER: They are all proponents of effective time management. The first two—the priest and the marketing entrepreneur—are big fans of personal productivity guru David Allen’s […]

Financial Smarts

Gambling to Save?

“What is the biggest obstacle to saving your money? What technological and/or banking solutions might help you and your friends begin to save?” The above question is what children who are entering in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Money Smart Week’s 2015 Money Smart Kid (MS Kid™) contest need to answer. It’s a great […]

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