The Next Question Your Investors Will Ask

    BUSINESS ALERT:  Your competitors have women on their boards—in fact, according to a recent review conducted by HQ Services, Inc. in response to several of our clients’ requests, we discovered that: 75% of the 142 public companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges that are headquartered in staid Illinois have at least 1 woman […]

Career Growth

August 20, 2014

Top 3 Tips for Women Interested in Joining a Corporate Board

First become a successful professional in a major corporation in a leadership role with full profit and loss responsibility for your area or company. In other words, be the person who is in charge of the strategy and individuals that generate the company’s revenue/growth with minimal expense/risk corporate-wide or in an important division. Earn an […]

Financial Smarts

This Investment is NOT a Corny Joke

“What does a pirate pay for corn?” is my most recent website video’s quarterly joke because one of the beautiful benefits of living/working in the Midwest is our summer corn harvest, which is fantastic this year.  In fact, the USDA expects a record corn yield in 2014 and I can personally vouch that not only […]

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