Monthly Newsletter? Yes. Monthly Blog? No. Readers complain, and, boy, have they!

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Content, quality over quantity, is what The HQ Companies provide.  Never one to snow our search clients under with hordes of unqualified candidates, or produce books/articles without substance, or speak to anyone without having done significant research into the subject of interest first—that’s how my four firms work because that’s my modus operandi..and I’m the founder.


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when I issued my first blog this past December, that I was totally focused on providing content, not quantity.  In January our HQ Financial Views e-zine, followed by my second blog, was emailed to our mailing list, posted on LinkedIn and our Facebook site at The HQ Companies, and tweeted on Twitter.  Well, that much content should be good enough to hold everyone until the third week in February when I plan on sending out another e-zine (this one will have my 11th Annual Economic and Jobs Outlook Forecast) and blog.


Nope, I was totally wrong with my assumptions.  Two weeks after my mid-January blog, readers started writing me to ask if I had misplaced their email address as they hadn’t received any new news from me.  This week a very business savvy marketing professional wrote me a polite reminder that blogs are not e-zines nor newsletters so they need to be issued more frequently than once a month.  Oops!  My faux pas…and here I was so concerned not to bombard you, the reader, with too much from me.


Thank you for your interest.  I’m really honored that you care to read/listen to my observations.  Taking a phenomenal new social media professional’s advice (you’ll be seeing her soon in our first YouTube where she explains what the latest social media tools are for professionals/companies and how to best use them) to schedule your social media communications so as to not bother your audience yet  keep in touch with them often enough, below is when you can expect to hear from The HQ Companies and me:

  • Every Wednesday a new blog, which will also be posted on our LinkedIn and Facebook, and tweeted. (I chose Wednesday because it forms a mnemonic reminder for me: “Weekly on Wednesday, Kathy—your blog is due.  Someone out there really wants to read it, so do it NOW.”)
  • Every third week of the month:  our e-zine featuring an in-depth article on a career-related or financial topic…because that’s also what The HQ Companies and myself are all about:  “connecting companies with successful professionals who stay and grow; connecting professionals with career enhancing strategies; and crafting smart financial choices for both.”


Speaking of “smart financial choices,” next week’s blog discusses financial literacy—“the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it, how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others.”—Wikipedia definition.


Talk with you then.—Kathy


Kathy Graham, Principal

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Connecting companies with successful professionals who stay and grow.

Connecting professionals with career enhancing strategies.

Crafting smart financial choices for both.

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